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Worried that you will not be able to work well with salon software? No worries! When you decide to have your salon evolve digitally with Optios you get an extensive training where everything is explained in scents and colors. That way you and your digital assistant can take your salon to the next level.

How does the training work?

  1. Would you like to work with salon software? Ask one of our experts for advice. They are happy to give you a free and no-obligation consultation with a demo on the programme.
  2. Are you now completely sure that salon software is really something for you? One of the experts will visit you to give you an education. The trainer will contact you by telephone and will make time for you when it suits you.
  3. The training can start and takes approximately three hours. This consists of a tour of the program with accompanying explanation of all functions and the completion of all settings according to your wishes.
  4. Of course you can also ask questions yourself during and after the course.
  5. Do you still need extra explanation on certain matters after those three hours of information? You will most likely find an answer to this in our help center.
  6. Can’t find an answer to your question? Then contact our customer service who will gladly help you further.


👉 Do you also want salon software with a qualitative education? Then request a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experts.