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Would you like to attract new customers in your salon? The salon software from Optios can help you with this. In addition to the visibility that you already create with your Optios account through,Β  your personal website and online booking, we also give you some tips from our expertise to make your salon more popular.

  1. Email marketing via Optios
  2. Connection with Mailchimp
  3. Google Adwords
  4. Facebook advertising
  5. Dont’s
  6. Customer loyalty

1. Email marketing via Optios

Email marketing is an important step in the growth towards more visibility and thus attracting new customers. With Optios you can do this very easily. The marketing tool makes it possible to send a campaign. You can add a new campaign with, for example, an end-of-year promotion. Than you have toΒ add filters to the campaign. To give an example, you can choose to offer everyone who has had a coloring in the past six months a free extra service for the next coloring. Of course you don’t always have to offer promotions in your e-mails. You can also simply send an e-mail when it is a customer’s birthday. πŸŽ‚


You can then compile your e-mail by adding a nice photoΒ (πŸ“Έ Tip: inspiration can be found on numerous websites that offer copyright free images) and provide the mail with an explanation text. It is extremely important to choose a good subject for your e-mail. This is namely the first thing recipients see in their inbox. Avoid words like free, win, sign up and exclamation marks. These are often seen as spam.⛔️


To personalize your e-mail you can also add the first name, last name and address. This by only clicking on the blue buttons at the bottom of the e-mail template. Optios links this for you to all customers who are in the filter. It is nice for customers to receive an e-mail that is specifically aimed at them, so use this.

πŸ”„ You can also create an automatic campaign via Optios. For instance, send an e-mail before or after each visit from new customers with a thank you note for the visit.

πŸ“±In addition to emails, you can also choose to do SMS marketing. Everything described above is also possible via SMS. That way you reach the customer even faster!

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Ask your SMS Credits here!

2. Connection with Mailchimp

Do you want to do something more advanced in e-mail marketing? You can link your Optios account with Mailchimp. What is Mailchimp? Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform. It helps you to send e-mails automatically to a lot of recipients. The link with Mailchimp is free up to and including 2000 recipients. If you go over this, you must subscribe to the platform yourself.

The reason why Mailchimp is more advanced is due to the possibilities in the design. This way you can add more images, use different levels in your text and even create landing pages. It is also much easier to add call-to-actions to your e-mail. This is because it is possible to add buttons that can be used to refer to websites, files, e-mail addresses or the landing page that you have created yourself.

Be sure to test Mailchimp. It is the ideal platform for creating professional newsletters.πŸ’Œ

3. Google Adwords

Do you want to give your salon professional visibility? With Google Adwords you can have your salon appear at the top of Google’s search results. How do you do that? First you create a campaign that is applicable to your salon. It can be a specific promotion, but also just a promotion for your salon. πŸ‘€

Further you have to add ad groups below the campaign. These are the themes by which you want to be found in Google. Examples of this applied to your salon can be: Coloring, cutting, permanent, extensions and so on …. Among these groups you have to choose a number of keywords. These are the words that people insert when they are looking for a salon in the area. So think carefully about words that can lead to your salon.🧐

πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»Tip: Do good research first by typing words into Google yourself and seeing which search results appear. When you put in a word, proposals also appear below the search bar. These can be good indications for commonly used terms.


In addition, you must of course also write an advertisement. You should also use the keywords that you have entered here. Make sure you briefly explain why they should choose your salon above other ones. ✍🏼

4. Facebook Advertising

Where better to attract new customers than on Facebook? Because you can place an advertisement here as well. First of all you have to choose your intended marketing goal. To do so you have to decide for wich phase of the ‘customer journey’ you want to promote your salon.


There are 3 phases:

  1. Awareness: The customers are passive in this phase. They see the advertisement but are not yet taking action. This phase is important to create brand awareness.
  2. Consideration: In the second phase, the customer is already a little more active. This is the phase in which he / she will make comparisons with the competitor. It is therefore important to be present so that they can find you too.
  3. Conversion: In the final phase, we let the customer take action. Make sure the action runs smoothly. An example of this can be a link to the online booking.

When you have chosen your intended goal you must create an audience. Thus your advertisement will appear in a certain region and language. In addition, you can also set the target group to people who are interested in certain things that may be relevant to your salon. Moreover you also choose the maximum budget that you want to spend on the advertisement and the moments when it may be shown. Accompany it with a nice photo or video and complete this with a text and you’re done! βœ…

5. Dont’s

Besides the many do’s, there are also some don’ts that we would like to share with you when it comes to the visibility of your salon and the attraction of new customers. This way your salon is best not present on a portal site. These are namely websites where a considerable number of salons are brought together. Usually portal sites are also divided per region, so that for the future customer it is almost only choosing with the eyes closed between your salon or the one a few blocks away.

Alternatively you can distinguish yourself from other salons with your own website so that you do not end up in the carousel of other salons. Make the website attractive and don’t forget to add customer reviews. πŸ˜‰ You can easily do this if you work with Optios.

6. Customer loyalty

Besides attracting new customers, you also have to retain current customers. Optios can also help you with this. For instance, you can use loyalty cards. You can create these quickly and easily via your account. Thanks to the link with the cash register, you can also use them automatically. On the other hand, it is of course important to make the all-round customer experience in your salon pleasant. Offer them a nice cup of coffee and pamper them. The next time they are guaranteed to visit you again. πŸ₯°


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