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1 in 5 customers do not show up for their appointment at both beauty and hair salons (HLN, 2019). It is high time that something was done about this. Optios is always looking for new ways to get rid of no-shows in your salon. In addition to the reminder and confirmation messages, there is now a new way to ensure that customers do not abandon you: The online advances.💰

  1. Online advances: why?
  2. Mollie
  3. Extra aids against no shows

1. Online advances: why?

To prevent no shows, we have a new feature in your Optios account. From now on you can request an advance from the customer. This way the chance of a no-show becomes very small. The customer has already paid for part of the service and will not want to lose this money. On the other hand, you too are sure that you will still be paid part of the service, even if the customer does not show up.

2. Mollie

The tool that allows you to receive an online payment is called Mollie. You can automatically make a link to this platform via your Optios account. But what does it do exactly? Mollie is an online payment platform. You link your bank account to this system and you can receive payments through a variety of payment options such as Bank contact, Visa, PayPal, other credit cards, etc.

How does it work?

  1. Connect your account (Optios -> Settings -> online payments -> connect with Mollie)
  2. Activate your account: Follow the step-by-step plan through Mollie, where you mainly have to complete the details of your organization and yourself, as well as the payment options that you wish to integrate. Also don’t forget to upload your passport or identity card to confirm your identity.

  3. Verify your account: After entering the details you will receive an email to verify your account. Click on this.

  4. Connect your bank account with Mollie: To do this you must make a payment of 1 euro cent. This way Mollie knows that you are the owner of the account.

  5. Receive payments: You can now receive online payments. But that does not mean that you can pay them out immediately. For this, Mollie must first verify your website and the details of your salon. So make sure you upload all the necessary documents to receive the amounts as quickly as possible.

  6. Change your services: When everything is set up correctly and you click on a service, you will see a new box appear in connection with online advances. Check this and choose the amount you would like customers to pay in advance.

  7. Appointment notification: When making an online appointment, customers will now receive a notification to first pay an advance. 

3. Extra aids against no shows

In addition to the online advances, Optios also has other tools to get rid of no-shows. You can also send automatic emails or text messages to confirm the appointment and send the customer a reminder just before the appointment. Are there customers who claim that they have not received your e-mail or text message? No worries! The communications in the customer records show you whether your mails and messages have been delivered and read. No more room for apologies! Furthermore, it is also important that you learn from the past. Are there certain customers who allow themselves several times not to show up? Write it with the comments in their customer file. This way you can send them an extra message about the no-show.

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