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It is not only important to attract new customers, but also to retain current customers. In addition to the all-round experience in your salon, you can also bind the customer to you by using a loyalty card. This will motivate them to always make a new appointment with you. Fortunately Optios can help you with this!

  1. Create customer card via Optios

  2. Quick and easy to use in Optios

1. Create customer card via Optios

You can create a new loyalty card at the customer settings in your Optios account. There you choose loyalty cards and create. You give your loyalty card a name and choose a validity period.


You can then choose whether you want to automatically add the customer card to the bill and when it is full if it has to be renewed automatically. Afterwards you choose a reward. This means that when the card is full, the customer can receive a discount or a gift.

When you choose a gift you can choose a product that is in stock. That way, this is also taken into account in your stock management when a product is given as a gift.

On the other hand you can also grant a discount. Different discounts are possible. This ranges from discounts on products and services to a discount on the total amount after a visit to your store. You choose the discount that you grant on one of these discount types by entering a percentage. Finally, you only have to choose when you will award the discount or gift. This can be any time, after an x ​​number of visits, after an x ​​number of visits with the purchase of products or after a certain amount has been spent.

2. Quick and easy to use in Optios

In addition to creating a customer card, you can also use it conveniently in Optios. When a customer pays, you can first ask them if they want a customer card. This is the first step to bind a new customer to your salon. Tell them what the loyalty card contains. When they hear that they get something in return for their visit, most will respond to this. Then click on the top right next to the customer name on the customer card and add it to the profile. At each subsequent visit, the cash register will take this into account and grant the discount if it meets the conditions that have been met.


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