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It is nice to be able to see what customers think of your work as a hairdresser. But potential customers are also increasingly looking for this information. When they need a new hairdresser, they will often base their choice on what others think (‘peers‘) of your arts. It is therefore useful to make customer feedback visible online. But how do you do that? Optios can help you here! 🙌🏼

  1. Peers
  2. Add customer feedback to your website

1. Peers

When prospective customers look for a new salon, they will often base their decision on the opinion of others. Those others will usually be people within their personal network, their ‘peers‘. These are the people whose opinion they find important. In addition, there are other ‘peers’ during these times. A huge number of people now share their opinion online. It is therefore important to participate in this trend. Ask customers for their opinion and share it on your website and your other social media channels. This way future customers can immediately see what others think of your salon. 👀

2. Add customer feedback to your website

How can you add that customer feedback to your own website? That is quick and easy when you work with Optios. Each time after the settlement of an appointment, the customers will receive an e-mail asking whether they thought your service was good or bad. You also receive this feedback yourself. Do you want to publish this feedback on your website now? If you use the Optios website, you can simply check customer feedback at your settings (settings -> customers -> customer feedback). The feedback now appears automatically on your website.✍🏼


Are you using Optios, but do you have a different web developer? You too can add the  feedback! Ask your web developer to build in a widget. The code to install this is the following:

<iframe src=”https://client.optios.net/js/widget/feedback/feedback.html?optios_id=VERVANGEN_DOOR_OPTIOS_ID&grid=1“></iframe>

👉🏼 Would you also like to quickly and easily build in customer feedback on your own website?

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