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The Christmas period is in sight, a few more days and you are sitting at the Christmas table. As a hairdresser you are probably already in trouble, because the end-of-year period is the busiest period of the year for you. Customers want to be in perfect shape for Christmas and new years, and that naturally includes a well-kept haircut.

You will maybe often have a lot of annoyances during this period. We give you some tips to get through the end-of-year period seamlessly.

  1. Help: I ​​have a lot of no-shows in the salon
  2. Help: When do I open during the end-of-year period?
  3. Help: It’s too busy in the salon

1. Help: I ​​have a lot of no-shows in the salon

Do you notice that the number of no-shows is increasing during the Christmas period? You can do something about it! Customers will otherwise think that they can continue to do this, while this is at the expense of the income for your salon. Here are some tips to avoid no shows during this period (and actually forever 😡)

  1. Send a confirmation message after making the appointment.
  2. Send a reminder message just before the customer comes to the appointment.
  3. Let the customer pay an advance online. That way you can be sure of part of the income.
  4. Place a message on your website and social media with the message that no shows are not acceptable and a fine may even have to be paid instead.

✅ You can easily apply these tools with Optios. This way you can see for yourself whether your messages have been delivered and read. Through our link with Mollie you can also add an online advance system to your online booking.

2. Help: When do I open during the end-of-year period?

Are you not sure when to open your salon during the holidays? Well, I wouldn’t obtain for the December 25 of January 1st 😉. December 26 is more difficult. First see if there is a lot of demand from customers? Do you have to reject many customers during the week before New Year? Then maybe you should opt to open your salon on Boxing Day. Many people also celebrate Boxing Day so they might want to start that day with a fresh haircut.

👉 Let your customers know in advance that you are working on December 26. That way, the doubt is already gone.

3. Help: It’s too busy in the salon

During the end of the year period it could well be that the salon is a bit busier than usual. Do you also have a telephone that constantly rings? Salon automation offers a solution here. With the online booking you can say goodbye to your phone and make your head a lot lighter with the digital agenda.

In addition, you can also pay quickly and your daily reports are just waiting for you. Are you selling another product? Then you can easily scan this out thanks to the automatic product management.

🎄🎅 🎁 Hopefully these tips can help you get through the end of the year period. So you can quickly celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve! We wish you happy holidays from the Optios team.

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